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Habbo Retros

If you have just ordered our DDoS Proxy services, you will notice that you have to change a few things in your database as well as your client files. We will provide you with the IP Address and PORT when we setup your purchased DDoS Proxy service. Please do the following below after:

  • Browse to where your client file is and change your current IP Address and Port to the one that has been given after your order is provisioned.
  • Browse to your database and change "ip_lastforbans" to match the numeric values of 1
  • Browse to your database and change "secure_sessions" to match the numeric value of 0
Once you have finished that, reboot your emulator and your DDoS Proxy will be working. If you're using Butterfly Emulator, you do not have to do the following above, just make sure you switch the IP Address and Port to the ones provided. If you have any problems, submit a support ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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